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Globalization is the integration of economies, societies and cultures of varied worlds through the procedure of technology, politics and trade. In unanalysable words, the world ceases to live as a bifurcated entity by way of territories, borders and land, and seems many like a frequent land without barriers. In that way, it is possible to sit at one end of the international and know exactly what is departure on at the other. The fact is that all of us are elocutionary by economic process in one way or the other. Look around you and statesman importantly, at you, carefully - chances are that some (or most) of the holding that are related with you are not local in nature. For example, the clothes that you wear or the food that you eat or the hot burger integrated that has opened up in your area, or the realism that you can mouth the words of the up-to-the-minute pop song that is all the rage in Britain, are instances of how economic process has change state a part of your life.

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Fast food restaurants like Mc Donald’s service millions of people in more than than 100 countries from each one day. blistering nutrient is very popular, especially among teenagers. Nevertheless, is such food healthy or should we prevent it?

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Every day the universe saving becomes more and more global. many an domestic companies have already mat on themselves negative consequences of this process: the challenger amplifies, risks become more various including from the degree of view of consequences, requirements to skills and cognition of the section constantly grow. However to think the international attribute of a commerce activity it would be exclusive through a prism of disinclined events incorrectly. New conditions of sector treatment is first of all new possibilities.

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