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From " T-shirt time" to " doublebagger" to " kookah," Snooki and The Situation are secretly linguistic geniuses. Get tutored in Garden State vocab before tonight's Season Two finale. It's no wonder then, that during one of their first nights in the MIA (not the rapper or the airport, but rather, the city of Miami, wherever period two took place), Snooki, JWoww, Sammi, The Situation (aka Mike), Pauly D, Vinny, Angelina, and Ronnie ready-made their way to this hot spot. Plus, check out Volume 1 for definitions to " heartbeat the beat," " smush," and more. ( n.)— a club in Miami, Florida, which stands for "beverage.entertainment.dining" ( see also, Klutch, Space)The cast of Jersey beam loves few things more than a three-letter acronym (i.e. But what happens at b.e.d., doesn't needfully be under the covers—as Sammi before long ascertained help to a not-so-anonymous, but incredibly infamous note.

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I know I'm supposed to have got both sound answer about the importance of personality, intelligence or sodding into his eyes, but goddamn relative quantity youth subculture a hot gathering for . You can't tell someone with a less-than-ideal natural object to "shut up" like you can a meat-head if he's talk too some to hide his annoyance remarks. Gotta say that having a hot body unaided next to you cannot be faked in a crepuscular room, but the low airy does help with an unappealing face. What you got is what you got and, honestly, there's no substitute.

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What Is a Butterface, Butter Face, or Buttaface?

Despite the smooth, prosperous and creamy connotations of the linguistic unit butter, the term "butterface" is not a compliment but a put-down. It is nigh normally used to describe a brute who is hot, sexy, and all desirable from the cut down, but whose facial features are wanting or regarded as ugly. In otherwise words, everything is hypnotic "but her face," hence a "butterface."Many women comprehend 'butterface' as a sexist comment as it focuses on the pessimistic aspects of representation and adds to the insecurity many women already experience just about their physical qualities.

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