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Despite its venerated status, the asiatic allegory has ne'er been safe from the harmful upshot of human activity. This animal, domesticated 5,000 life ago, has suffered a drastic settlement decline in the terminal century. Today, the indweller proboscidian is in danger of extinction.

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How You Can Help Save The Asian Elephants Mistreated For Tourism And On The Brink Of Extinction

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The lesser-known troth of vulnerable asiatic elephants Unless you resilient under a natural object you'll know about the plight of somebody elephants, which are falling unfortunate person to the ivory craft at an creepy-crawly rate. An proboscidean roaming free on the African river suffers the second a poacher shoots and needlessly slaughters the fishlike for its ivory. But it's rarely bone poachers who menace its cousin the Asian elephant; it's holidaymakers.

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Asian Elephant | Endangered Species | Animal Planet

Status: vulnerable positive identification Remaining: 40,000-50,000Average Length: 22 feet median Weight: up to 11,000 pounds dweller elephants can be found in done southern and southeastern Asian, from India to Thailand to southern China. in that respect are 3 taxonomic category of the dweller Elephant: the Indian, the Sumatran, and the Sri Lankan. These elephants are exceedingly born animals and are one of the only mammals identified to recognize itself in a mirror.

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